🎨 Developing the creativity of children 🍎 Foamy Bag [TUTORIAL]

Hello STEEMIT FAM! In this opportunity we will learn how to put together a practical bag or foamy wallet, very useful to carry your favorite things everywhere. So I invite you to continue enjoying this fun journey in which the little ones can go, little by little, developing ingenuity and approaching the artistic work accompanied by their classroom teachers and parents.



  • Cardboard corrugated.
  • Rule.
  • Molds.
  • Scissors.
  • Foamy or Eva foam.
  • Markers.
  • Velcre.
  • Hot silicone applicator.




Step 1. First, transfer the molds, keeping the indicated measurements.


Step 2. Then, cut a rectangular strip of 32 x 8 cm (this will be the bellows that will join the two sides of the wallet).



Step 3. Now, join the two sides and the bellows, using hot silicone.


Step 4. We continue, cutting a strip 1 cm wide x 20 cm long.


Step 5. Then, we cut and paste the details on the strip (which will be the handle of our portfolio).


Step 6. Once the portfolio handle is assembled, we stick it on the ends of the bellows, applying silicone.



Step 7. Now, we stick the lid (Figure B) in the center of the back of the bag


Step 8. Stick the velcro on the front of the bag and place it on the lid.


Step 9. Finally, we decorate our bag letting our creativity and fantasy fly.

For more details and any questions, you can consult the following video:


T R A V E L   B A G   ▶️   V I D E O


Thank you all for joining me in this fun, ideal and perfect exercise for the development of children’s creativity. With this fantastic exercise you can have a good time with the little ones of the house, help them in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication. Even make a daily activity an educational resource!




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